Mailing Address

Sea to Sky Singers
PO Box 2168
Garibaldi Highlands, BC V0N 1T0 Canada

Executive of the Sea to Sky Singers:

Music Director – Veronica McPhee
Accompanist – Jacquie Brownridge
President – Colette Fauchon
Vice President – Fran Martin
Secretary – David Burke
Treasurer – Carey Green
Music Librarians – Stephanie Nand and Sally Nand
Sunshine and Archives – Kristine Kennedy
Social – Susan MacDonald
Production – Lise-Anne Beyries


There are many jobs that need doing to make the Sea to Sky Singers the wonderful social organization it is for its members. Please, if you can, help out with different volunteer jobs that need doing. The Sea to Sky Singers are a registered Society under the BC Society’s Act.

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Please use this form to contact our president, Colette Fauchon if you have questions that this website does not answer.

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