Spring 2020

Putting on the Ritz

Movie night!

We had a wonderful start to our Spring Program this Spring with weekly Tuesday night meetings at SAM, beginning in January, rehearsing songs from the movies, such as ‘My heart will go on’ from the Titanic, ‘Putting on the Ritz’, ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Sky Fall’.


Due to the Covid-19 and after much careful discussion, the Director and Executive came to the conclusion to stop choir rehearsals and cancel concert performances planned for the end of April. Even though we know this is the right decision, this has been a disappointment for all of us, we really love singing together and have worked hard over the past few months. Whether a new or old time member, the Seatosky Singers always makes everyone feel very welcome.

Howe Sound Music Festival

The Seatosky singers received a Gold mark for our performance of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and “‘Puttin’ On the Ritz” at the Howe Sound Music Festival. This was a great experience for us. The adjudicator gave us a few extra tips as well as much praise and our director says “Way to go, Singers! I’m so proud of you!”.

Fall Rehearsals

We will miss singing but hope to start again in the fall with our Winter Program. New members are always welcome and if interested in joining us, should contact Veronica McPhee, our Artistic Director. Until then stay healthy!

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